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Are You Skewing Your Google Analytics?


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How often do you visit your own website? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? Do you just keep your site open in a browser tab 24/7? Did you know you could be skewing your analytics?

This post assumes you’re familiar with Google Analytics and have already set up your website to connect with your Google Analytics account. Don’t worry – I will have you covered if not with my Getting Started with Google Analytics Guide, coming soon.

Let’s think this through. You’re tracking site visits, keeping an eye on those stats and maybe even have some goals configured. This is great news! Being able to gather data on your site visitors and their behavior can help you best serve your target market. As you continue to add to and improve your content, you pop over to check it out! Ding! (That’s the sound of your Google Analytics site visitor counter going up.) Maybe you have a small team of staff that also keep an eye on the website and they’re all being counted.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, these inside visitors probably aren’t having too great of an impact, but did you know there’s a quick and easy way to filter out your site visits? I’m going to share the steps with you below so you can feel just that much more confident in those valuable numbers.

How to Filter Your IP Address in Google Analytics

  1. Go here to find your IP address.

  2. Highlight and copy your IP address. You’ll need it shortly!

  3. Login to your Google Analytics account.

    Make sure you’re accessing the correct Property (website) if you have more than one.

  4. Select Admin from the left menu to be taken to the Admin settings:

    Google Analytics menu with Admin highlighted

  5. From the right-most column, select Filters:

    Google Analytics Admin menu with arrow pointing to Filters option

  6. Select the + Add Filter button.

    You’ll need to have an Admin level account to create filters. If you don’t see the button below, that means you won’t be able to create filters yourself.screenshot of Add Filter button from Google Analytics settings

  7. Fill out the form.

    Use the image below to guide you through which settings to choose. You’ll want to paste your IP address (that you copied back in Step 2) in that last field.Google Analytics filter form

  8. Click Save.

And that’s it! Going forward, when you review your Google Analytics statistics, visits from your IP address will no longer be included. If necessary, you can easily repeat the steps above to create filters for any other IP addresses frequently used to access the site. I’d also suggest looking through all of the options in those drop-downs to see what else is possible with filters!

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