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Pinnable: Benefits of Pinterest for Your Small Business


When you think of Pinterest it probably brings to mind people looking to kill some time between appointments, waiting for a call, sitting in traffic. They’re looking at pictures of highly-stylized home offices, make-ahead lunch ideas, or fashion trends. They’ll save a few pins and never look at them again. And they’d never actually CLICK on a pin to be taken to a website to read more.

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The Typical Pinterest User

The reality of the average Pinterest user is actually quite different. Many people, considering the description above, believe Pinterest is simply another social media platform. Shift your thinking to understand the potential of Pinterest. Recognize that it is really a visual search engine. People are coming to Pinterest with a lot of the same intentions they have when they go to Google. They have a need and they are looking for a solution. And if you have a pinnable solution, you will want to be there and be found.

Some interesting Pinterest statistics include:

  • 42% of US women use the platform
  • The median age of users is 40
  • While women make up the majority of users, at 70%, the number of male users is climbing and they make up almost half new accounts created
  • Most active users are under 40
  • The Millenial generation is actually using Pinterest more than Instagram
  • 93% of active users turn to Pinterest when planning for purchases
  • 50% of Pinterest users earn $50K or more annually

We also know that Pinterest users are ready to spend money when they search. The platform is often used as a planning tool. Popular topics researched include party ideas, vacations, home remodeling, and DIY projects. These tend to be actionable, leading to the searcher wanting, or needing, to make a purchase. 

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With those stats to ponder, compare them with your target customer. And consider your industry. Maybe you don’t sell something directly in line with these types of searches, but maybe you offer something tangential. Do you provide education on certain topics? Do you have online courses, e-books, worksheets, or checklists? 

Do Your Research

Pinterest is not going to be a huge driver of traffic for all businesses, of course. Start by searching for your keywords. Yes, the same ones you use for SEO to make Google happy.

You want to see if your keywords also make Pinterest (and their users) happy. You may have noticed Google even returns pins in search results, when applicable. Take some time to search Google and see if Pinterest results appear. If so, it’s definitely worth hopping over to Pinterest to search a bit deeper.

Seven of the first nine images are from Pinterest

Pin-Worthy Pins

Keep in mind there are quite a few factors that go into working with Pinterest and creating a pin worth showing. Pinterest can see your image, view any text overlay, and read your description. So, it’s important that all of these are top-notch to compete in a pretty saturated market.

If you’re looking to learn more about pin design, I’ll walk you through some basics in a future post. But if you can find your niche and really finetune your pin design and distribution strategy, you can see a great return on investment.

A key is to stay true to your brand while creating something that will stand out in a sea of pins. Think of your in-real-life branding, your website branding. These are what you share with customers or potential customers that are already well into your funnel. However, when you’re trying to capture the attention of someone that is not familiar with you, you need to draw them in. Think of your social media brand as a punched-up version of your standard brand.

sample pin design with photographic image, bold text colors, and actionable copy Master Pinterest to Grow Your Business
Pins should include relevant images, bold text, and actionable copy

Bump Up Organic Traffic with Pinterest

Like traditional social media platforms, Pinterest offers business accounts and they’re free. For savvy marketers that learn Pinterest best practices, there is so much to be gained for your business. Create your Pinterest business account now!

Pinterest business account signup page

Creating eye-catching pins that resonate with your target audience can really boost brand recognition. You have a variety of options when it comes to the type of pin you create, as well. Choose from images, video, and rich pins, which is a pin category designed to stand out in the crowd and share more detail with the searcher.

Your pins should be designed with your goals in mind, whether that’s to increase sales, bring more visitors to your site, or build your email list. Depending on your goal, you can create a strategy to bring you closer to reaching it.

Pinterest makes it easy to see how your pins are doing. Their analytics provide insight into which pins are working well and which may need some refreshing or replacing. If you’re finding Pinterest success in these metrics you can take those high-performing pins to the next level with Promoted Pins.

Pinterest business analytics overview page

Promote Those Pins

There is so much I can get into with Promoted Pins, but at this point, you should just understand the basics. Promoted Pins are a pay-per-click advertising option that allows you to be in control of your daily spend budget and your target audience.

Two of the most notable aspects of Promoted Pins are:

  1. They are only shown to people searching for the keywords you’ve assigned to your pins. This greatly increases the likelihood of you pin getting in front of your target audience.
  2. This type of paid advertising has a long shelf-life since pins can continue to make their way around Pinterest for months and years to come, even after your promotion has stopped.

When a pin does well it can continue to bring in revenue, traffic, and email subscribers well into the future. In fact, Pinterest stated that advertisers receive 20% more clicks the month after they initially launch their promotion. It’s easy to see where a paid pin promotion can provide a lot more ROI than, for example, a Facebook ad that gets lost in the newsfeed of a person with no buying intent.

overhead image of person at desk with laptop open to Pinterest, notebook, coffee, lamp

Pinterest as Part of Your Marketing Plan

As with any third-party platform, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Relying on Pinterest too heavily is not a smart move because, of course, they have the right to make any changes to their site, service, the algorithm at any time. Without notice. So, you want a healthy mix of marketing tools that work well for your business. That way, if any individual tool has a glitch (or shuts down completely!), you’re not out of business. 

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